Measuring improvement!

In the fitness industry I see so many randomly designed workouts put out there, but very little programming with progressive overload!
Likely because the former is easy, and the latter is harder and skilled…
You know which one gives you actual benefits…

What’s the point unless you know you’re getting fitter/stronger etc?
Ok sure, body composition alone is a big motivator for many but it’s all a lot more fun when that’s the secondary gain not the primary aim…

Also knowing when we’re training to maintain, and not lose strength/fitness we’ve gained previously.

Whatever activities or sport you do, putting in at least 1 quality strength and conditioning session/week is important to compliment them, for injury prevention, improved performance, or simply making day to day tasks easier, and all the other good stuff alongside Benefits of Resistance training like improved mood, rest, sleep.

You could do this where-ever you are.

I’ve been working with a professional windsurfer,
Amongst several movement and performance benchmarks , pulling movements are important, so training to increase strength, power and endurance qualities of these , measuring increased load or reps transfers to making the sport easier (simplistically speaking)
Bracing the trunk is key so great core strength and control is a must, as is testing the training that it’s having the desired effect!

A distance runner reported increased speed at events that he put down to feeling of robustness through the kettlebell work, (even from low loads) e.g. with split squats ensuring movement was powerful, speedy. (He hadn’t changed anything else in his running program)

One of my regulars at Kettlebell small group training at Kellaway avenue loves the upper body and trunk strength compliment to her Pole Dancing & instruction.

I’m working with a snowboarder, who is quite the gymnast, is already proficient in strength training, so Olympic lifting is exciting for him, which transfers to the jump and land nature and repeated precision efforts.

Personally, I went through  a tough time just fitting in or planning any training for myself over the winter into spring.
Something I did do though was make sure I maintained…
e.g. 10 minutes of hard kettlebell work before or after a class was enough, when done right.
20 minutes on the barbell keeping the movement and power aspects going on Olympic lifting,
4 bouts of power15 strokes on the rower over a 2km base paddle.

More recently I’ve managed to practice what I preach again! And have felt all the prior mentioned benefits..

My kettlebell bunch have inspired me with this! – I’ve said it before – As they upped their strength, I felt I had to also!
We all did some Snatch ‘tests’ every so often, the buzz of improved scores is real! It’s been rewarding to see you guys and gals hit this…

I’m still steadily working towards 50 each side on 24kg in 5 minutes… 3 weeks ago I managed 37 each side, Last week 50 each side in 8 minutes.
6 months ago I seriously hadn’t thought I could make a single rep on the 24kg
The single arm press was key to the confidence here, after enough reps on 16kg
(My latest bouts on YouTube here!)

These are just a few examples, in each there are clear measurements that help see one’s development of fitness and strength qualities
These don’t have to be painful and horrible, they can be a ‘fun’ part of training,
they should be relevant to your needs and what you’re trying to achieve or develop
20 seconds max power on the rower
20s max power on ski erg
500 m rower
1.5 mile run
Split squat max reps on say a 70% load
max pull ups
max press ups
30 minute Watt bike
heart rate recovery from a 70% 5 minute effort of something,
after 1 min, after 2 min

If you’re unsure if you’re making best use of your own training time, just drop me a line for a free consultation where I’ll find out about your needs and could likely help you understand if you’re maintaining, detraining, or improving!
A 1:1 session including some benchmark testing/training would reframe where you’re at and empower you with greater understanding of what you’d gain by training with new specifics in mind, bespoke to you, for the next month or two.

Have a great November with all that you do!


Jo, supine pulls

Rich, (runner) Sled Push. Circuits at BGS