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Get in touch for a consultation, to find out how I could close the gap – between the needs of your sport and the current  level of your athletes

I can rent BGS Sports Centre gym exclusively for you, we have all the tools you could need to develop any and all strength and conditioning qualities in a quality and pleasant training environment

Something you could also do is join in either NDM Circuits or NDM Kettlebell fitness classes,
I have had runners, footballers, tennis players, surfers, all sports! getting something unique out of this high quality training.

Previous work:

City of Bristol Rowing Squad Senior men 2017
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Programming of all of their training helped lead them to their best results in 7 years.

Senior Women 6 week pre season training Kettlebell conditioning
Incremental progressive overload geared to the individuals in the context of the group, and doubling up the kettelbells, I designed and delivered a bespoke program for the rower’s needs, utilising variety and quality general training, to provide a fun and challenging pre season block. The rower’s movement qualities increased, as did stability, mobility, strength, and power.
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Western Gaels Gaelic Football team.
6 weeks pre season at BGS sports centre utilising the gym exclusively, for a bespoke programmed block. Following some analysis of the sport and communications with the captain about the range of level of the players in the teams, we embarked on increasing robustness and quality of single arm single leg movement as well as bilateral jumping and landing force absorption. The men’s and women’s footballers improved key movement qualities and stability. Testing within training and progressive overload showed increased strength. We were able to add power along the way and find a great balance to achieving a good cardio-vascular conditioning aspect from it, and team-spirited motivation to work hard!
“Everyone has said great things about your training, it was a good start to the season!”

Current work:

Bristol Henleaze Swimming Club (2 years)
Junior performance group 11-18 years old S&C sessions

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Cameron, City of Bristol senior oarsman (national champion with UWE in 2010). During 12 weeks of 1 session/week, he increased in both the squats and pulls tests. His jump test score increased dramatically and his work done per stroke on the ergometer tests also increased. Cam’s movement also improved significantly, increasing his range in Thomas tests, ankle range, and shoulder lift off, from having some regions of slight restriction to having excellent ranges. Scapular integrity and Gerber lift-off tests also showed great improvement, along with deep overhead squat and single leg squats. Get in touch if you’d like to see my referenced case study viva, or data and training programming excerpts.