NDM Personal Training, Where everything is personalised to your needs and goals.

NDM has been trained by world-class professionals who coach the coaches. With roots in high-performance sport, NDM has a passion for personal training with intent, underpinned by the quality of movement. These 1:1 Personal Training sessions might suit you if you could do with a one-off session with a personal trainer to learn a particular movement or skill in the gym to help you in your sport or activities?

Perhaps you could do with a block of weekly sessions with a personal trainer to really engrain some progressive work and ensure your gains and results in action?

If you have specific goals in mind and some understanding of your current abilities even better! , but I can help work this out with you.

If you’re already doing a lot and need to keep yourself skilled up, stable and mobile, you could use this to keep you recovering optimally and fresh for your next activity, and work on programming, recovery, nutrition or flexibility, with homework to takeaway specifically tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

You might be someone who would benefit from a detailed movement assessment, guidance, and coaching in the gym, ahead of starting or restarting an activity? Perhaps you’ve just come back from rehab post injury?

1:1 personal training could also suit those who like to train independently but would benefit from some guidance, coaching of movement, and programmed sessions to maximise what they do over several sessions spread across 2-3 months.

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Are you into your sport?
Do you take your training seriously?
Perhaps you are pushed for time around a busy work/life, and wonder how to not only get the maximum bang for your buck with training time?
Have you plateaued with your training, or are unsure of the best way forward?
Would you like to learn new skills, and move better, work to bigger ranges? embracing all facets of training for performance, be it strength, power endurance, speed?

You would like the right personal trainer to program your training, for you, right now, with exactly where you want to get to in mind, so you can come to sessions and not have to make any decisions, but be motivated in every movement you carry out and to train hard!

Would you enjoy having someone there for you, motivate you and ensure that you stick to your program, and make the gains you desire and believe that you have the potential for?

Do you work varied hours, find it difficult to find a training time with others of similar standard or better than you, and wish to include a daytime or before work 1:1 personal training session?

Are you ready to make a change and get into the best shape of your life , with learnings of training you can then take away and apply independently?
To get transformative results fast, commit to following a bespoke plan set of for you over 6 weeks of 1 or 2 sessions/week with a number of independent sessions designed for you to follow, all suited to your needs and goals.

If I sound like the right personal trainer for you, get in touch for your free consultation with me, Nick Moffatt, of NDM Sports & Personal Training.

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A personal training programme will or could include:

  • Movement assessment
  • Mobility and Stability training
  • Bespoke and specific warming up exercises
  • Resistance training,
  • Energy systems training
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Testing,
  • Education in Recovery and regeneration,
  • Core training

Some of this will be included in the first session or a bespoke stand-alone session.

Follow-up includes a 4-week programme if required, which will fit alongside your activities, which you can refer to and complete to feedback your progress.

A typical week will be set out in the programme and agreed with you, to ensure that you can and you do do it!
With further sessions, the movement will be re-assessed, and progress testing in line with your goals carried out to check your progression (which you will feel too!). Principled training will make use of these tools in order to ensure your progression for whatever your goals

An info questionnaire will be used to kick-start the program.

Session Locations and timing availability:

Daytimes at Mind Body Studio: Kettlebells and movement
Monday & Tuesday mornings
Wednesday afternoons
Thursday mornings
Friday mornings
Saturday mornings

At Bristol Grammar School sports centre gym:
Thursday and Fridays evenings

B Pro Fitness Gym:
Enjoy the large, spacious and incredible facility with the best in S&C equipment.
Any daytimes and before work

Outdoor and your home available.
For addresses of locations and more, see memberships