Unique Resistance training & HIIT

Want to move better? Need get more robust for your sport or activities?

Make weekly gains with a motivated group! Push both your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Fitter in 6 weeks!

Relevant for all sports, of all demands. Uniquely programmed, developed through years of NDM’s work with sports teams. Guaranteed to increase your strength, power and speed! Whole-body general preparation combined effectively with HIIT! Progressions and regressions of exercises to suit your needs.

High intensity interval training has to be done right to get the benefits

Why do we do it?
It’s been one of the few proven methods to get seriously fitter that has withstood the tests of time,
breaking up an event duration into smaller segments, in order to increase capacity. More in #4: ‘Pace’.

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My five fundamental training principles:

#1 Move well

‘Skying’ the heart rate at the expense of quality movements is not worth the risk to our structures! Especially if we add load. For long term benefits, and cross over application to other activities or sport, quality movement needs to be the foundation…
If we keep this in mind we can also enjoy the session so much more…

#2 Movement > Strength > Power

Once we have great movement, enough stability and mobility for the exercises, enough strength, and know what range we are working in, and are given progressions or regressions of exercises appropriate for our level right now, every rep must be full range, full power! This means moving with force and with speed!

#3 Progressive overload

The body adapts, so we must give it reason to adapt!
The awesome thing is, strength is tied in with neurological processes, and so through improved patterning we get stronger and more powerful easily through a 4-6 week program, so adding incremental load weekly, of whatever type in the session that this is, should be readily done!


A ‘happy’ and crucially uncomfortable medium! Too slow and we won’t force the body to adapt/won’t need the rest! Too hard and we’ll blow it and the rest isn’t enough to allow us to repeat the efforts. Interval training works by pushing the ATP and glycolytic (anaerobic, think sprinting) systems, during the work, and the oxidative (aerobic, think endurance) during the rest! So it is amazing bang for the buck training…when done well…

#5 Warm up and cool down

Walking it off immediately afterwards for a few minutes…excellent to keep the blood flowing
Or Jump on the spinning bikes at BGS, where I run this circuit training