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BWA Contest judging 2016 season

Autumn Judging What a fantastic week judging at the BWA Tiree Wave Classic, Round 2 of 4 for the British Wavesailing Title 2016. The weather provided and the sailors ripped. We successfully held double elimination for Pros, youth and junior fleets, 5 rounds for Ladies, and triple eliminations for amateurs and masters fleets! http://tireewaveclassic.co.uk/ I […]

Measuring improvement and getting results!

Measuring improvement! In the fitness industry I see so many randomly designed workouts put out there, but very little programming with progressive overload! Likely because the former is easy, and the latter is harder and skilled… You know which one gives you actual benefits… What’s the point unless you know you’re getting fitter/stronger etc? Ok […]

Physical and mental health benefits of resistance training

Physical and mental health benefits of resistance training: Here’s a quality list from the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria: “Physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved through resistance training include: improved muscle strength and tone – to protect your joints from injury maintaining flexibility and balance, which can help […]

‘6 Pillars of Health and Longevity’ Strength Matters podcast August 16th

https://strengthmatters.com/s1-ep-39-the-six-pillars-of-health-and-longevity/ These ‘6 pillars’ from Strength Matters are: Breathing Locomotion Hydration Daily joint mobility Diet habits Rest I’ve interspersed a few of my own thoughts along with quotes from the podcast with timings. There are so many gold-nugget tips throughout. Listen from 12 minutes in… Our work and social culture (generally/often eg. in UK, America, […]

Hydration and training #2

Hydration and training! How best to stay hydrated, around exercise? During: Cold water or a flavoured salted beverage- Children weighing 40kg should drink 150ml every 20 minutes during training. Adolescents weighing 60kg should drink 250ml every 20 minutes during training. Adults: During prolonged activity in hot weather should consume a sport drink containing 460-690mg sodium […]

Thoughts on Stretching, also Tone! Cool down, and the RAMP warm up!

Stretching Try it at home before sleep, it promotes relaxation. Stretching is always under debate and is continually researched but the many pros of static stretching include: increase of flexibility; and post session, the stimulation of regenerative and restorative processes; useful adaptations of the muscle fibres. Con: a joint can feel less stable afterwards. (There […]