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J. Brown’s 20 smarter alternatives to popular CrossFit exercises, with Dr J. Rusin.

I love this article from Jason Brown / Dr Rusin! It’s well presented and communicated, its sits well with all the ethos of what I deliver and what my clients experience, in whatever resistance training setting. https://drjohnrusin.com/20-smarter-alternatives-to-popular-crossfit-exercises/ My blog post commenting on this is for those curious about CrossFit, ‘functional training’, Olympic Lifting, Barbell & […]

Developing proper press ups!

Press ups! Something I find I work with a lot with my clients in the 1-1 setting and the group setting is scapula control and ‘core’ control. Developing both is important to enable you to press effectively, in any direction. Proper press ups are bloomin’ hard! (I won’t reveal my small number of personal maximum […]