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Feel epic ! Push your performance in your watersport – Strength supersets

From recreational participant to international competitor, these supersets are applicable and will lead to gains for anyone. You can alter the load, sets and reps accordingly.

Most of these strength or power exercises are great to use with a low number or reps, plenty of rest, and several sets e.g., up to 5 or so. Depending on lots of aspects of your session or training week or stage of the season these variables should be played around with to keep you fresh or push for some fatigue.

Injury reduction also happens through getting stronger; as well as getting more robust. Specific mobility and flexibility for you should be included in a program alongside these exercises for the qualities needed in your sport or hobby.

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Swimmer Maxes NDM Indoor Rowing, Happily Gets PBs On The Ergo AND In The Pool

Learn what competition masters swimmer Matthew Lewis did on NDM’s indoor rowing program, which not only led him to PB both his 5k and 2k ergo scores, but also get back in the pool after a lockdown and go faster in the water… and medal in national short course champs. Welcome to some insights into […]

Spring 2020 update

It’s been a busy, productive, challenging and exciting time. During Autumn 2019 I put together a 30-day Lower body mobility & strength-stability free program – I’m finishing it up and will get it out asap! Rowing – Managing coaches, collaborating on projects and coaching pupils Alongside what turned out to be my dream job, starting […]

J. Brown’s 20 smarter alternatives to popular CrossFit exercises, with Dr J. Rusin.

I love this article from Jason Brown / Dr Rusin! It’s well presented and communicated, its sits well with all the ethos of what I deliver and what my clients experience, in whatever resistance training setting. https://drjohnrusin.com/20-smarter-alternatives-to-popular-crossfit-exercises/ My blog post commenting on this is for those curious about CrossFit, ‘functional training’, Olympic Lifting, Barbell & […]

Developing proper press ups!

Press ups! Something I find I work with a lot with my clients in the 1-1 setting and the group setting is scapula control and ‘core’ control. Developing both is important to enable you to press effectively, in any direction. Proper press ups are bloomin’ hard! (I won’t reveal my small number of personal maximum […]