About me and my fitness journey.

3 years ago I had a back injury that put in doubt as to what I may be able to continue with in the future, be that any of things I loved most: surfing, windsurfing, rowing, snowboarding, running, anything…

During the time I was rehabilitating I learned a lot more about the mechanics of the back and neuro-muscular process that go on. Getting over the injury was one thing, getting over the mental side of dealing with pain and fear of further damage was another that took a lot longer.
I’d noticed the pressures and tolls that modern work-life was taking on my body, and how you can’t expect to train or perform at as high a level as you once did, never mind staying injury free, unless you have great preparation, consistency, and a lot more time.

I always loved the precision along with the physical and mental side in training and competing involved with high-performance rowing. This certainly stood me in good stead.
I’d also had a minor knee surgery that took time to get past. There have been fantastic coaches, physios, osteopaths and my chiropractor along the way, who not only helped me get back to what would be considered full fitness, but helped me reach full confidence to push my own limits again, particularly on the water without fear of any recurring old injuries.

The buzz I’ve felt learning off these professionals have been second to none, and part of my mission is to help people move better in their exercise. I love being able to pass on what I learn from great practitioners, and inspire others to be the best they can be, which is ultimately rewarding. A uniquely NDM USP is that within your group – small and large – you get outstanding personalisation and differentiation on the spot.

I want to be in the best physical shape I can be for the activities and sports I do, which require a range of qualities, strength being one of them. I only found S&C coaches to learn from late in my sports, and while stronger is crucial, this is not the same as aiming to go on to lift the biggest weights I possibly can.

I first picked up a kettlebell around 5 years ago in the gym at Millfield where I assisted the S&C coaches with our rowers. I undertook some personal training, learnt a vast amount, and was inspired to do more. I’d already worked with the Barbell for some time, and I loved the cross-over with the Kettlebell from rowing; timing, power, squat, hinge, pull and press patterns.
I also loved the group training to music atmosphere on attending some gym classes in Bristol. The Kettlebell became my favourite tool to work with clients for the unbelievable bang for the buck it can provide when done right… It’s sorted out my shoulders and all niggles no end. It’s hugely satisfying to see clients embrace ‘lifelong’ learning of movement with it. It’s fascinating how deep into technique one needs to go to marry up with strength, as this is a skill. My own pressing and snatching the 24kg is ever increasing. The very first lifts on these were memorable! I was grateful to those around with advice, tips and words of wisdom. The more you learn, the more you find there is to work on!

My strength & conditioning training and qualification , something I’d been interested in for some time, was an epiphany, as personally, while embracing the biggest DOMS I recall ever having, after the 3 day practical I’d never felt that desirable muscle tension so balanced out, more energised, moving fluidly, and best of all, pain free.

Speed, agility and plyometrics do amazing things for the body in terms of general preparation, pitched at the whole range of training levels, be it sprinting with optimal mechanics, or absorbing force in landings effectively.

I loved the power and precision of Olympic lifting, the requirement of good foundations on the barbell, and its application to sports. A bit like the kettlebell, it feels a great transfer from rowing, vertical rowing… 3 fairly brutal months of focused training on this was very rewarding. It was bumpy climb with ups and downs along the way like all the best learning is! And the learning and the strengthening never stops.

Jez Birds, director of Bristol Swimming Club has been inspiring during my transition to full-time work in sports S&C strength and conditioning and fitness. Pedagogical understanding and approaches from teaching experience are one our USP areas. I am coming up to the end of my 2nd year working with teenagers competing regionally and nationally.

My experience in brief:

  • 95-2000 junior rowing competing nationally,
  • 2000-2008 Full-time windsurf & surf coaching, centre management, UK and international windsurf competition (freestyle and wave disciplines)
  • 2009-2016 Full-time school teaching (physics) with rowing and swimming coaching, including Millfield. Senior club rowing competing nationally including Henley Royal Regatta.
  • 2016 to date. Kettlebell and circuit training for the public and transition to full-time S&C coaching work including personal training. Enjoying free sports; surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing again.
  • 2016-2018 S&C coach for Bristol Henleaze Swimming club, performance juniors.
  • 2017 season Head Coach Bristol Senior Men Rowing.
  • 2018 S&C Coach Redmaid’s School Sports Scholars,
    Bristol Blades U17 & U20 GB Fencers
Nick Moffatt NDM Coaching