The Hardstyle Kettlebell Snatch is the pinnacle power move! Only barbell Olympic lifts demand more energy in such a short timeframe. So it is high calorie burning, especially as your strength improves as well as fitness and you can perform it with a heavier weight. In addition the off-centre of gravity aspect demands the whole body works for stability. It’s a flippin’ intense badass move that takes effort and time to master.

Demanding the posterior chain in full, precise timing and generating power using the whole body is needed maximally to perform a good Snatch. This majorly includes the glutes and hamstrings; the quads a bit, all your core muscles, the lats, rhomboids & biceps and scapular stabilisers.

Important Pre-requisites: Kettlebell Swing, Clean & Press.
Pick the size you can comfortably achieve 10-15 reps of Strict Press during a mixed half hour workout for example.
Swing high pulls are also good to get into the precise timing needed, for the powerful full kettlebell snatch.

You should get medically cleared for this and check you have great shoulder range. Have somewhere safe to practice this especially if you need to drop it!

Power your swing with enough acceleration to the Kettlebell through the bottom 1/3 of this move, so that the kettlebell will reach the height required at the top of the snatch! After it has reached shoulder height it must have enough momentum to make it as you can’t pull it any higher from here. The Hardstyle Kettelbell Snatch requires an aggressive pull during the middle 1/3 to flip the bell over the forearm. If you get impact at the top you didn’t pull it hard enough. ‘Feed your forearm through the handle’ to meet the bell softly at the top. It’s all about the timing!

Depending on your capabilities and experience you could make progress practicing the Kettlebell Snatch 1-3 times/week. Mix it up with contrasting exercises or light jogging, and plenty of rest to ensure quality. Increase your number of reps gradually. You could eventually build up to 100 reps (10 each side is a good marker to switch on). When you do this it’s time to make a jump up the kettlebell size!

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For some short instructional and demo videos from side angles go to my youtube channel here.