Adapt and survive – Brave new world, NDM Spring update (part two)

Firstly, I hope that you and family members of yours are well.

I believe that many of you out there will get a vast amount out of my 30-day Lower-body free strength-stability home program. I hope I’ve struck the balance of high detail/high progression value vs simplicity and ease of access. There is something in it for everyone – various challenge for all levels.

Who is it for?

-Those who need to offset the negatives of a sedentary lifestyle
-Those who can’t strength-train with the barbell at the moment
-Those who wish to increase their range of motion in squat and hinge patterns
-or to increase their proprioception
-Maintain lower body strength and athleticism
-It should potentially increase mobility and flexibility

There is a lot more guidance and instruction in the pdf file.

Please direct friends/colleagues to my website main page to subscribe to receive my 30-day Lower-body free strength-stability home program.
Here for the youtube exercise demonstration video playlist.

A lot changed day by day since writing my first Spring update blog just over 10 days ago. The phrase ‘Adapt and survive’ comes to mind which seems pretty cruel to say to myself! Even though it was on the cards, it is still a shock dealing with not only the gyms being shut but also offering 1-1 outdoors then also ceased to be an option.

I wish the NHS staff all the best, as they are heroes. I hope we overcome this crisis and I’ll look forward to when measures can be softened.
Ofcourse there are lot more important issues going on, but I am still coming to terms with that neither of my jobs can happen anything like normal for while i.e. The face to face coaching work which I love, and uncertain finances.


While most of us having to work our jobs from home, I’m excited to convert what I do into online offerings, working out from home with quality programs.

If I could have lent you my equipment I would have , but ran out of time to get it out of the gym.

With all the challenges people face I decided I wanted to offer something free of the highest quality I could put together, which you can take away and develop with. While I created this in Autumn ’19 it’s taken a lot longer than I first envisaged to put together and finish!

Live Kettlebell classes!

It’s been great hearing back from lots of my members already , I miss running my face to face work as much as you miss the training in person at my
I have been practicing at home and can’t wait now to roll out the first of my online live Kettlebell classes!
Please see Schedule.
There is some detail on my booking platforms – booking happens in mostly the normal way as before.


A link to this short easy survey about any equipment you have at home, and what online classes or training you might be interested in is on my Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages. Also here.
Please do give you me your thoughts when you receive this survey as it will really help me with planning and how to offer my USPs online to likeminded people out there…all over the country now!
And any recommendations to your friends and colleagues – I would appreciate them now more than ever.

Sign up to my newsletter (main page) to receive your free copy of my lower-body strength-stability home program.

Best wishes from me for now through these challenging times, and I look forward to seeing you online very soon!


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