Adapt and survive – Brave new world, NDM Spring update (part two)

Firstly, I hope that you and family members of yours are well.

I believe that many of you out there will get a vast amount out of my 30-day Lower-body free strength-stability home program. I hope I’ve struck the balance of high detail/high progression value vs simplicity and ease of access. There is something in it for everyone – various challenge for all levels.

Who is it for?

-Those who need to offset the negatives of a sedentary lifestyle
-Those who can’t strength-train with the barbell at the moment
-Those who wish to increase their range of motion in squat and hinge patterns
-or to increase their proprioception
-Maintain lower body strength and athleticism
-It should potentially increase mobility and flexibility

There is a lot more guidance and instruction in the pdf file.

Please direct friends/colleagues to my website main page to subscribe to receive my 30-day Lower-body free strength-stability home program.
Here for the youtube exercise demonstration video playlist.

A lot changed day by day since writing my first Spring update blog just over 10 days ago. The phrase ‘Adapt and survive’ comes to mind which seems pretty cruel to say to myself! Even though it was on the cards, it is still a shock dealing with not only the gyms being shut but also offering 1-1 outdoors then also ceased to be an option.

I wish the NHS staff all the best, as they are heroes. I hope we overcome this crisis and I’ll look forward to when measures can be softened.
Ofcourse there are lot more important issues going on, but I am still coming to terms with that neither of my jobs can happen anything like normal for while i.e. The face to face coaching work which I love, and uncertain finances.


While most of us having to work our jobs from home, I’m excited to convert what I do into online offerings, working out from home with quality programs.

If I could have lent you my equipment I would have , but ran out of time to get it out of the gym.

With all the challenges people face I decided I wanted to offer something free of the highest quality I could put together, which you can take away and develop with. While I created this in Autumn ’19 it’s taken a lot longer than I first envisaged to put together and finish!

Live Kettlebell classes!

It’s been great hearing back from lots of my members already , I miss running my face to face work as much as you miss the training in person at my
I have been practicing at home and can’t wait now to roll out the first of my online live Kettlebell classes!
Please see Schedule.
There is some detail on my booking platforms – booking happens in mostly the normal way as before.


A link to this short easy survey about any equipment you have at home, and what online classes or training you might be interested in is on my Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages. Also here.
Please do give you me your thoughts when you receive this survey as it will really help me with planning and how to offer my USPs online to likeminded people out there…all over the country now!
And any recommendations to your friends and colleagues – I would appreciate them now more than ever.

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Best wishes from me for now through these challenging times, and I look forward to seeing you online very soon!


It’s been a busy, productive, challenging and exciting time. During Autumn 2019 I put together a 30-day Lower body mobility & strength-stability free program – I’m finishing it up and will get it out asap!

action photo from the ground and side
Demo photo single-leg Glut bridge, part of NDM Sports & Personal Training 30 day lower body mobility & stability-strength challenge

Rowing – Managing coaches, collaborating on projects and coaching pupils

Alongside what turned out to be my dream job, starting NDM in 2016, In October 2019 I started another dream job: Director of Rowing at a school program. I also have a strength & conditioning role to play, not just with my rowing squad and coaches, but whole-school wide as I assist the Head of S&C and sports science department with delivering new sessions across all of year9 in the performance gym.

In what has turned out to be a biblical winter, with flooding, wind, and now Covid-19, its been brilliant to still get vast development of the College Boat club and its pupils underway. My public group Kettlebell, personal training clients and Youth GB Fencers have all been going strong throughout. I feel grateful and lucky to have been able to build up to this point. The learning never stops – continually developing my programs with you – my clients, monitoring and ensuring your progress and development is always immensely motivating!

Girl Power!

With international women’s day last weekend, I want to celebrate some serious girl power that has been going on (…week in week out!)

A couple of photos here on twitter at the start line at Gloucester Head race (time trial) 5km.

Also here for some examples of athletic development work for Bristol Blades Fencers, Jade and Tabby, who compete for Great Britain at U17,U20 and U23 in the Foil discipline.

Coming up to two years ago The fencing club asked me if I would work with these two girls, as their fencing level obviously is extremely high, and they were starting to show imbalances and get niggles, due to the significant demand of the sport. The girls have greatly benefited from building greater foundations, building their underpinning physical capabilities and robustness , key in youth /long term athletic development. They are also now unrecognisable in the gym from when we started! – confident and competent to train independently.

A training camp -Easter 2019- at Millfield was a great opportunity for me to work with large groups of fencers, watch them train and in match practice, picking up more insight from the UK’s coaching scene, also learn of and utilise work that the EIS (English institute of Sport) did with GB fencing pre Rio 2016.
The girls have increased strength and power and progressed steadily through various exercises. We continue to build ‘Brilliant basics’. (as put by Graham Williams Head of S&C Millfield, as the focus principle of youth training).
It is a privilege that the club and these girls and their parents elect to train with me instead of other proposed options from outside.

group kettlebell training action
group kettlebell training action

NDM Kettlebell Training

See here for quick nugget of recent NDM group Kettlebell work.
We have now completed two blocks so far in 2020 – The first was ‘capacity’ rebuilding our aerobic engines and base fitness through a greater variety of exercises again, increasing the volume each week. The next was a strength emphasis block, with the Single Arm Strict Press as our emphasised exercise, where the opportunity is built in the progressive program, to lift a heavier kettlebell than before!
With 2kg incremental steps across all my many kettlebells, and a maximum of 10 people in the group, everyone has several they can use.

1-1 Strength & Conditioning work

See here on instagram for my recent work with personal training client, Sophie (and her first ever barbell cleans).
Sophie is a member of a well know gym chain but elects to train with me, an S&C specialist, which is rewarding and good positive feedback for me to know that I’m on the right track with the ‘why’, ‘what’ and then ‘how’ to develop my clients. Being able to slam medicine balls in multi directions, drop weights on the floor/platform, and space to safely do loaded jumps helps too…
The space at Berkeley fitness also provides that limitless feeling of being able to utilise any tool without waiting.
Olympic lifting is next for Sophie, and the dedicated platforms and racks at BGS Sports Centre are a comfortable space to use.

NDM Training online – The home kettlebell program

Check out my home kettlebell program. While I’ve had some stunning feedback from those who’ve hit it, perhaps I can do a better job of explaining its USPs to reach out to more people it could help?
All the info you need here really

image of kettlebell product
description of kettlebell home training program product

Upcoming could be a pretty good time to plan for some quality home training eh…
It’s never been easier to buy a kettlebell and have it delivered. (Often I have to buy a few heavier ones for my clients..!)
If you get stuck give me a shout… If you live in the Bristol area you could always rent or buy one off me.

image of kettlebell product
new kettlebells

A key feature about the training program and guide

One key point as to why you should buy this training product is that it is a guided progressive programme, accompanying the follow along training video. Rather than just use whatever free workout video you find around, use this to progress your levels of strength of endurance, session after session, week after week. I spent a lot of time using what I’d learnt from the masters out there, combined with my personal training and group work with hundreds of people over recent years, to create this, and it’s been so good to hear how much better people feel for doing this.

Also on my youtube site I have few demo videos, move by move.
silent demos with ‘how to’ captions

And teaching demos with audio:

I’ve gone on… But as I said at the top, I do have this free training program to give away. As soon as I have uploaded the edited clips for the 30-day Lower body mobility & strength-stability free program, and finished off the accompanying programme, I’ll post about it and you can have it!

Also, I’ve developed several athletic warm up protocols, general work applicable for most sports, this one filmed and photographed by 1-1 S&C client , pro windsurfer and friend, at The Wave, Bristol. (And we had lot of fun surfing it too ofcourse! Without the running down the beach etc you would normally have, warming up is even more important – This is a sure-fire way to ensure you are ready to jump in there.
Research shows that we reduce the risk of injury not by static stretching, but by activating the neuro-muscular system, stabilising, and increasing proprioception. This also improves performance.
Whatever your level of surfing, use it adapt it make it yours, it will help you.
I’ll get it posted asap!

Current Schedule and updates

My schedule continues as planned, and both gyms couldn’t be a safer place to come and train, with private or small groups and minimal time in proximity, alco gel at BGS entrance, clean bathrooms easily accessible. And ofcourse maintained hygiene around the equipment used. We’ll move to ‘shaka’s or thumbs ups instead of handshakes or fist bumps!

I was supposed to get away on holiday snowboarding in a week’s time, but that’s scuppered! Next year..!

Nick snowboarding
Nick snowboarding

Our College rowing training week the week after is also now off.
This coming week NDM work in person is off as scheduled due to one school race competition still on. Looking forward to the open air and river.

If you would like to subscribe for updates, do drop me a line through the chat bubble, or give me a call with any questions. Look forward to hearing from you.

Keep calm and carry kettlebells!

Best wishes,


carrying exercise with two kettlebells
High -low kettlebells carry