Why is it so much harder at the moment?

When I was in a rowing squad (2015 feels a long time ago now!…getting older!) it was easy – well the committing to the training consistently – the training itself was ofcourse very very hard.
When I was injured and rehabilitating (2013, 2016) commitment was easy – I had a prescribed block of exercises to do and progress with, I knew I had to do it and why. Motivation was easy.
When I undertook a block of personal training to also gain some CPD if you like, under an S&C coach this commitment was easy too.
In training during my S&C qualification my commitment that year was faultless.


The other perhaps obvious and additional answer is in another question  – well what am I training for?
I’m now strong and fit enough again to do my favourite free sports in my spare time.
I’m healthy and active, my body composition is fine.

So the personal motivation isn’t quite there, even though I know how good I’ll feel generally and what impact and difference this makes in my wellbeing from all the side benefits of consistent training.

Professionally, I’m already used to and comfortable training those far stronger fitter than me now which is great, but I can always get stronger, ( a lot stronger!) and work on both this and technical aspects of S&C.
I must practice what I preach in order to keep relating to the progressions of my clients; be they youth, adult, young, old, someone training for performance, someone for health.

Reasons can be excuses – I don’t have time- I have to put all my time into my business or my clients, or my work, or my relationships, or my house , or whatever it is.
If something is necessary we design the time in.

And am I happy staying still? or de-training? , Hell-no!

So what must the motivation be next?

I realise that I don’t just want more of it I need more of it!

Increasing the personal abilities then returns to actually being linked professionally to ‘knowing or experiencing what it takes’.

Can I become a world-class coach? And why is this linked?

This snatch test is a significant performance benchmark … The strange thing is, I think that I already believe that once I get it, it will have actually been all about the process of getting it that gives me the next level of confidence I need, and then perhaps striving for Strong First certification.

But training alone is damn hard! And I realise that the vast majority of my own Kettlebell training has been on my own!

Who wants to hold me accountable or join in some training?

I first pressed and then snatched a 24kg Kettlebell in late June 2018. This was huge for me, (as I came into S&C well any formal free weights training relatively late) and a year previously I never imagined I’d get to that point.

During July I realised that setting the goal of 100 Snatches in 5 minutes was achievable. (The error was I didn’t set by when, and then reverse engineer / plan backwards accordingly). I think I’d accepted Ah, I’ll be busy with x, y, z, it’s not my priority, I’ll just keep it ticking over and see what happens… Well if I don’t integrate this and get back on it now it might never happen!

Spurred on by new motivation I did well just on once/twice a week specific training and by November I’d hit 37 each side in 5 minutes, and a couple of weeks later 50 each side in 8 minutes.

I’ve certainly experienced some de-training effect , I don’t fancy hitting 24kg  50 snatches on each side tomorrow but I only need a small amount of dedicated time weekly to retrain back to where I was in November and then go on to this Snatch test!

At that point the limiting factor was the strength and power , I had the fitness,
time to get both back and then step it up!

I often find December & January challenging, to stay on top of consistent activity or training.
It’s almost mid-February now… its only  4 months til summer… psychologically it all gets less hard
with more daylight, milder temps…

We all have dips but can still continue to progress over the long term.
Time to strive for a higher personal peak than last summer!

This isn’t even about the snatch test, it’s about maintaining a great all round consistent week/month/year with varied training and sport activities!…to continually progress, up-skill, gain and use experience, gain further confidence.

I need to give reason for some people to hold me to account! Who’s in?!

I’ve had some great advice on stepping up to swinging the 32kg so I’m ‘looking forward’ to that this week.
The most rewarding feelings in sport or in training are bettering oneself in whichever form this takes, while enjoying the process – like learning anything new.
This year I also intend to take up something new, to be a beginner again, to remember what it is like to learn something from scratch.

Another intent of mine this year is to not just listen, but listen and seek to deeper understand, and get to a place where I can ask deeper questions more readily, to then act on this and serve people better and better.

I love aiming to instil in my clients and athletes that they are limitless.

I’ve just posted some little Kettlebell vids from the beach on my Instagram! I also pose some questions for you in that post!

There’s a couple of snatch vids on my you tube channel.
I will be working on these..!

Do check them out and get in touch! It would be cool to hear from you.


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