These ‘6 pillars’ from Strength Matters are:

Daily joint mobility
Diet habits

I’ve interspersed a few of my own thoughts along with quotes from the podcast with timings.

There are so many gold-nugget tips throughout. Listen from 12 minutes in…

Our work and social culture (generally/often eg. in UK, America, West) means a lot of sitting which is a hazard – particularly for breathing and mobility,
making the 6 pillars something we might realise we are not consistently fulfilling well at all, despite them being so general and fundamental. It’s now necessary for us to actively work on these and offset against bad habits of not doing enough.

I’ve seen it in my clients, my athletes, and of myself time and time again;
When we tick these boxes more, not only do feel our best but then we can allow adaptations we want from training to happen.
Its kind of common sense, but then how much do we actually manage to apply it?

Mind blowing responses from Doctors on how addressing these would solve all basic /non-complex health problems.

In terms of adaption we seek from training, or change we want to see from exercise, eg. strength, aerobic work, calorie burn, “Nothing works unless you are making the changes you need in all the other hours in the week outside of exercise sessions”

 17’00 Breathing
“Almost all adults have dysfunctional breathing”
“All muscular-skeletal injuries exist in the presence of dysfunctional diaphragmatic breathing”

Seated work
22’40 “…decades of chair abuse!”

22’55 Daily Joint Mobility

27’13 Locomotion
(walking etc)
…“The best stress reliever… Stress leads to illness and injury”

32’ Diet
…“All bad food choices occur when there is a lack of preparation or emotion or impulse involved”

37’47 Hydration
…Most of us generally exist in a dehydrated state

40’51 Consider the 6 pillars in relation to “the ability to look after yourself”
…Prevention better than cure

46’33 Body Composition and the fitness industry

51’30 Workstation effects, tips and an interesting case study.

56’43 Mindset and neuroplasticity

1h00’45 ‘Bluezones’
…Patterns as to why people live so long; 9 factors in conclusion to this global study.

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