Hydration and training!

How best to stay hydrated, around exercise?

Cold water or a flavoured salted beverage-
Children weighing 40kg should drink 150ml every 20 minutes during training.
Adolescents weighing 60kg should drink 250ml every 20 minutes during training.
Adults: During prolonged activity in hot weather should consume a sport drink containing 460-690mg sodium chloride per litre, 80-195mg potassium per litre,
and carbohydrate concentration 5-10%

Adequate food and fluids for rehydration.
If dehydration is significant or the athlete has less than 12 hours before the next exercise bout a more aggressive approach is warranted and the athlete should consume approximately 1.5 litres of fluid with sufficient electrolytes (above) per kg bodyweight lost. 1. (Haff and Triplett, 2016)

Weigh yourself before and after if you can to see how much you sweated! An estimate though depending on what you do with your clothes!
Get this right today guys and ongoing to see you through this week – In sweat and in style!
…so important as we are not used to these rare heatwave weeks, and most of us struggle to stay hydrated around work and life even before we add in exercise or training.

Also and interestingly, training in the heat has some tested fitness benefits…

  1. NSCA Essentials of Strength and Conditioning
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