How to Get Rid of Back Pain Dr Stuart McGill  – link to podcast

This was such a fascinating podcast!  There is a tip or wise insight for everyone! During this podcast you may notice several ways in which we pay attention to and strengthen our backs in our training. If you ever get any back pain at all, make an hour for this, or skim through it and use the handy contents timeline. If you are pain-free these may help you avoid getting back pain. It is a pleasure and relaxing also simply to listen to Stuart McGill speak!

My Chiropractor recommended I follow McGill as he is world renowned for his understanding of the spine. A lot of the content perhaps makes sense intuitively, or that plenty of common-sense knowledge out there is useful, but I find that it is empowering to have all of this understanding explained as the result of scientific research on a great range of ‘ordinary people’ as well as on elite athletes.

  • Key nuggets I took away:
  • Training and getting results is all about finding the appropriate training load, finding the tipping point, and staying just below it. It’s about not doing too much or too little, and getting the appropriate rest time!
  • Move well! – Any training must always be done with good technique.
  • Wise programming involves not being too greedy-trying to progress too fast.
  • Find the pain mechanism and avoid it (allow tissues to recover)
  • Walking: Taking a break from seated work is great for the spine.
  • Tune the muscles to play an orchestrated song!
  • Stability comes with compression (hence using our light load- kettlebell)
  • Respect variation – we are all individual.

And now I really understand why tennis players grunt! (I always thought it was just for show…maybe for some it is!) Their breathing and engagement allows them to hit harder (and the grunt follows!) I do find this technique applicable for a lot of movements that we do. Try his exercise and let me know how you get on!