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    Unique Sports Strength and Conditioning for the everyday athlete.

    Get fitter at the highest quality group exercise you will find..

    …or get stronger targeting the main kettlebell lifts, .

    Surf-specific S&C gold-dust could be the icing on the cake for you at small group personal training

    Maximise your performance and injury prevention for your sport at Circuits


NDM Sports & Personal Training Mission

  1. Help competitors prepare for their sport; provide outstanding strength and conditioning for them to minimise the risk of injury and maximise their performance.
  2. Help people maximise their time and effort in training or exercise; develop long-term enjoyment of this and the best results they can get, while providing an antidote to pressures on the body and mind of daily work life.

Qualified Coach

Multi discipline background leading to unique coaching and skill application.

Strength and conditioning L4 Coach
Rowing L2 Coach
Swimming L1 Coach
Kettlebell class instructor
PGCE science Physics specialism
Erstwhile Senior and Advanced Windsurf instructor
and Surf instructor L1 including Beach Lifeguard

Personal Training

Personal Training.  Are you into your sport?
Do you take your training seriously?
Perhaps you are pushed for time around a busy work/life, and wonder how to not only get the maximum bang for your buck with training time?
Have you plateaued with your training, or are unsure of the best way forward?
Would you like to learn new skills, and move better, work to bigger ranges? embracing all facets of training for performance, be it strength, power endurance, speed?

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Nick Moffatt NDM Coaching

Nick Moffatt – Trainer

Nick Moffatt is a level 4 qualified Strength and Conditioning coach with a competitive background in sports and sports coaching. NDM Coaching was born off the back this, on a mission to help the ‘everyday athlete’ move better, get stronger, faster, fitter. NDM continues to work with athletes and is also passionate about helping the populous make the most of time for exercise, offset the rigours of longer work hours and often sedentary work-lifestyles, applying key principles and evidence-based training, to help not only maximise what the body can do now but help future-proof it. No fads. Everything in meaningful order, every exercise in for a reason.

Coaching is at the heart NDM’ USPs. ‘Strength and conditioning coaches’ outside of elite sport are perhaps not as well-known as say, sports coaches, and even then, there are many differences between the roles and responsibilities of an instructor and those of a coach. Following 7 years of secondary school teaching, Nick still loves physics, all of its applications, including biomechanics and sport, and still love working with teenagers, for example, Bristol Henleaze Swimming club. He can apply various teaching pedagogy and is a reflective practitioner who seeks and undertakes the very best continuous professional development possible.

NDM Sports & Personal Training strives to deliver world-class strength and conditioning coaching, offering group exercise, work for sports people and teams, and personal and small-group, personalised training.

Help with goal setting is offered, and to get you progressing and on track to reach your goals, NDM group personal training utilises methodical progressive-overload programming, all bespoke designed in line with specific adaptations sought.
‘Better never stops’, and so there is a session type for everyone…
Kettlebells are one of NDM’s favourite tools to train and work with.
Kettlebell training sessions (Strength & strength endurance emphasis) are held at Mind Body Studio, or outdoor, or at your home.
A light load, high volume, moderate intensity class (power & power endurance) runs at BGS sports centre.
Have fun working out while learning and developing quality movement. Improve mobility, stability, strength, power and cardiovascular efficiency.
‘Learn to Olympic weightlift’ & barbell lifts sessions.
‘Fit-to- Surf’ sports-team structured land training sessions.
‘Circuits’ is programmed as high-intensity interval training; target both the anaerobic and aerobic systems.
Do check out the various sessions, and book to try one! Train with NDM!

Feel this good!...after KETTLEBELL FITNESS 630pm Tuesdays and CIRCUITS 630pm Thursdays at Bristol Grammar School Sports Centre.

4 of these sessions to go until the Christmas break!... finish 2018 with some quality loaded movement in the bank...invest in your body.

I was pumped to see how well the new demand of the latest complexes and ‘core’ or trunk work progressions went down. This program will stand you in good stead for some well-earnt relaxation and recovery!
I have the best clients at group training! Lucky and super grateful coach here.

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