Nick Moffatt

I am passionate about education in physics and the sciences and have tremendous job satisfaction from teaching teenagers, and from coaching teenagers and adults alike in sport across all levels.

I completed my Level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification in June. The volume and intensity of learning, theory and practical, was a huge challenge and one I was proud to meet successfully.
I want to work in elite sport as well as provide quality and highly informed training for anyone, group or personal training.

Why Kettlercise®?
The high repetitions of great movement patterns with load leads to better movement in daily life and robustness. It is also high calorie burning which many people enjoy; my clients also recommend it to their friends and colleagues for how good they feel afterwards!

An osteopath had some wise words for me to consider, during a spell of rehabilitation post injury: ‘Be moderate’. Kettlercise® is moderate intensity and entirely functional. I got hooked on it instantly with such cross-over from rowing training. I then took up instructing Kettlercise because I find it at has so many varied and wide ranging benefits. I love motivating people with it!

I find that clients doing even just one session per week consistently have made measurable gains in their strength and strength-endurance. It is so rewarding to see people develop great movement patterns which help in our every day lives. This class is the best antidote around that i’ve found to manage the fact that we are more sedentary workers or have a more sedentary lifestyle than in the past.

My new 2-kettlebell power endurance /speed-strength class pushes people to the limit..!