• KETTLERCISE, NDM KETTLEBELLS, and coming soon... NDM FIt-to-Surf

    Take up one of the most fun, high calorie burning, complete body workouts around, Kettlercise!

    Focus on the 5 main kettlebell lifts and hit more of a strength emphasis program with our strength and conditioning coach,

    Or prepare the body for the waves at our bespoke group land training session for surfers


Get in shape now

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Qualified Coach

Multi discipline background leading to unique coaching and skill application.

Personal Tuition

Physics and the sciences are intertwined with our daily lives, and an understanding of them is crucial to a teenager’s GCSEs or A-level grades and beyond!

Nick Moffatt – Coach

Strength and conditioning L4 Coach
Rowing L2 Coach
Swimming L1 Coach
Kettlercise® Kettlebell class instructor
PGCE science Physics specialism
Erstwhile Senior and Advanced Windsurf instructor
and Surf instructor L1 including Beach Lifeguard

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